“Ah, you rubbish, how dare you beat me! I’ll kill you!”

Qin Hao lay on the ground, bleeding from his mouth and nose and wailing loudly.

Lin Mu slapped Qin Hao seven or eight meters away.

The reaction of the public, shocked to see this scene, for a time some incredible.

What do they see?

Lin Mu beat Qin Hao?

Is this guy so bold?

“Lin Mu, what are you doing?” Qin Luoli yelled, grabbed Lin Mu, and said, “go, go!”

If Lin Mu beats Qin Hao, it will be a big deal. Their father and son will certainly not let Lin Mu go!

Qin Hao raised his head and said with a grin smile, “go? Hit me, you won’t want to leave today, I’ll cut off his hand!”

Lin Mu’s slap has made Qin Hao crazy.

“Don’t you dare to be so shameless, don’t you dare to kill you?”

Lin Mu suddenly stepped forward and stepped on Qin Hao’s handsome face. He said in a cold voice, “if you like to say so much, I’ll let you say enough!”

Lin Mu’s feet were very hard, and he ran back and forth, making Qin Hao scream.

“Asshole, let go, let go!”

Qin Hao struggled hard, but Lin Mu’s strength was too strong for him to earn.

At this moment.

Qin Hao felt his divinity trample on the ground by Lin Mu, rubbing back and forth, humiliating.

“Do you really think I don’t know that you’ve got my hands and feet interrupted and are going to bury me alive?” Lin Mu looked at Qin Hao indifferently, and his tone was like coming from the hell which made Qin Hao shiver.

“You….. You talk nonsense!” Qin Hao’s face showed a fluster, but he didn’t admit it.

He knew that if he admitted it, he would be finished.


With a cold smile, Lin Mu shook his head and said, “I’ve given  you a chance, but you don’t know how to cherish it. Don’t blame me for being cruel and cruel!”

As soon as the voice fell, a powerful force of spirit burst out from Lin Mu, and rushed into Qin Hao’s mind in a direct and domineering manner.


Qin Hao suddenly uttered a shrill. His eyes protruded, his face was ferocious and terrifying, and he was in great pain.

In his mind, however, a scene of horror and blood emerged.

On the bloody horizon, the sky was broken by the red blood. A huge sword suddenly broke through the clouds and roared down toward him.

Under the body is a sea of blood, emitting a strong and pungent smell of blood, countless corpses floating in the sea of blood, teeth and claws towards him.

“No, no!”

Qin Hao screamed miserably and his whole body was frantically struggling and twisted on the ground.

“Qin Hao, do you know the crime?”

All of a sudden, a grand and indifferent voice came, falling into Qin Hao’s ears like a Hongzhong, which made him fall into endless fear.

If he doesn’t admit it, he will definitely die!

Qin Hao suddenly burst into tears, sobbing and said: “It was Qiao Zishan and I who set you up. We were just going to set you up to divorce Qin Luoli.”

When this remark came out, people were in an uproar.

Qin Luoli is incredibly looking at Qin Hao, silver teeth clench, show hand grip.

“There’s more!”

Qin Hao suddenly showed a look of resentment: “who told you not to obey? If you agree to our terms and divorce Qin Luoli, you  get a lot of money. What’s more, you’re not as good as a pig or a dog. You dare to touch Qin Luoli. A woman like her should be…..”

Suddenly, Qin Hao didn’t finish his words. He screamed and fell into a coma.

Only Lin Mu knew that Qin Hao’s willpower was too low to stand the erosion of his spirit, so he was scared out of his mind.

But that’s enough!

And Win Hao’s words naturally caused a great disturbance. Everyone was shocked to see Qin Hao and Lin Mu in a coma.

Qin Hao is so crazy!

Although they looked down upon Lin Mu, they never thought they would kill him.

Broken hands and feet, life buried!

Qin Hao is so cruel!

And he also said a person’s name, Qiao Zishan!

Is it Qiao Zishan, the son of Qiao Yuanxi, the richest man in Jiangcheng?

It should be him.

Because the whole Jiangcheng for knows that Qiao Zishan has long regarded Qin Luoli as a forbidden person and pursued him, bit Win Luoli refused.

However, Qin Hao did not expect to join hands with Qiao Zishan to frame up Lin Mu.

“Lin Mu, is this….. True?”

Qin Luoli looks at Lin Mu with trembling body, with a trace of anger in her tone.

Lin Mu light said: “since ancient times, Thea beauty of disaster, the fact how you die not hear it?”

Qin Luoli took a deep breath suppressed his anger at Lin Mu, turned to Qin Hongbo and said, “uncle, you are a good son!”

“I’m sure Qin Luoli will find out about it!”

Qin Hongbo’s face changed greatly. Although he was the eldest son of the Qin family, he could even complete with Qin Luoli in the Quin family, he was still a little nervous when his son has such a thing.

Because, this matter is too big!

But he won’t admit it!


Pointing to Lin Mu, Qin Hongbo said aloud, “do you believe the one-sided words of this little beast? He just has a grudge against my son and wants to do him wrong!”

Qin Luoli said in a cold voice: “wronged? Didn’t he admit it himself?”

Qin Hongbo sneered: “admit it yourself? Qin Luoli, why are you so stupid? Don’t you see that my son said it under his pressure? How can you believe that? Don’t you all know what kind of people Lin Mu is?”

There was a silence.

I think there is some truth in what Qin Hongbo said.

Qin Luoli drowned slightly. As soon as he was about to speak, Qin Hong pointed to Lin Mu and said, “Lin Mu, a little beast, is vicious in heart. He made himself look like this and framed my son. I will not give up this matter.”

“Little beast, don’t let go of my son, I’ll kill you!”

Lin Mu didn’t expect that Qin Hongbo fell down like this. He said coldly: “do you want your son? Good.


Lin Mu suddenly kicks Qin Hao on the waist and kicks him to Qin Hongbo.

Qin Hongbo suddenly hugged Qin Hao. Seeing that Qin Hao was roaming and unconscious, he turned red at the moment and said viciously, “You hurt my son, and give him up!”

As soon as the voice fell, the two bodyguards rushed to Lin Mu.

These two bodyguards are very powerful. Qin Hongbo paid a lot of money to protect his son.

It’s enough to deal with herdman!

The two bodyguards were very fast. When they were near Lin Mu, they raised their hands and smashed them with one punch.

If this blow goes on, it will definitely destroy Lin Mu.

However, in the face of this blow, Lin Mu’s anger flashed away in his eyes. He hummed coldly: “go away!”

With two fists, “bang bang,” two times, the two bodyguards flew out like broken bags, smashed several tables and couldn’t get up.

The lobby.





Drink in the bar.

Feige smashed his mobile phone on the ground and roared: “son of a bitch, dare to threaten me, I’ll kill you!”

“Feige, what’s the matter?” A woman who is easy to expose lies in brother Fei’s arms and asks carefully.


Feige slapped the woman in the face and roared: “cheap watch, is there any part of your speech here? Get out of here.

The woman was startled, but she didn’t dare to say much. She grabbed her clothes and ran out.

Fly elder brother mercilessly bath one mouth, immediately eyes twinkle unceasingly, in the heart inexplicable some uneasiness.

Qin family.

Today is the banquet of the Qin family. Except for some important members of the family, no one else is qualified to participate.

And in the brightly lit hall, before the family dinner started, people whispered and talked and laughed.

A young man suddenly said “by the way, why hasn’t Lin Mu come yet?”

As soon as these words came out, some people were slightly confused.

Lin Mu?

Who is it?

All of a sudden, people looked at a silent woman on the table, with a faint look in their eyes.

Isn’t Lin Mu Luoli’s husband?

But what did he come for?

Then, a middle-aged man frowned and said, “this is our Qin family dinner. What does an outsider do?”

The middle-aged man is Qin Hao’s father, Qin Hongbo.

Hearing this, Qin Haocai patted his forehead and said, “look at my memory, I have forgotten the identity of Lin Mu.”

“This is a family dinner. Lin Mu is not qualified to attend.”

Two father and son a word I a language reveal to Lin Mu’s humiliation and ridicule.

Some chuckled, other showed disgust.

Obviously, Lin Mu was not welcomed in the Qin family.

“Uncle, Lin Mu is also Qin Luoli’s husband. He is the Lou family’s uncle, whom my grandfather nodded in person. You are strangers. Don’t you agree with his decision?”

At this time, the silence of the woman light mouth, she has a picturesque face, the skin match snow, just cool temperament, let a person some dare not close.

This woman is the president of Qin group, Qin Luoli.

Also Lin Mu’s wife!

Qin Hao said: “Qin Luoli, that’s what he said, bit what’s Lin Mu? It’s just a dog owned by the Qin family. Of course, he is not qualified to come to our master’s house for dinner.”

Qin Luoli had a cold face and said in a cold voice. “Qin Hao you are too much! Lin My is also your brother-in-law. If you say this, will outsiders say that my Qin family has no tutor?”

Qin Hao said disdainfully: “I don’t have such a brother-in-law.”

“You…..” Qin Luoli was a little sulky and got up to leave.

But at this time, a indifferent voice suddenly rang out and spread all over the hall.

“It’s just casting pearls before swine that you talk to a beast like that. And I, Lin Mu, haven’t been reduced to being a brother-in-law for animals!”

Hearing this, they saw a young man in ragged clothes standing at the door. His clothes were covered with mid and looked very embarrassed.

It’s like a beggar.

However, although the image of this man is in a mess, his eyes are very strange, like the sun, moon, stars, four seasons, mountains and rivers, deep vicissitudes, mysterious and distant.

This person.

It’s Lin Mu.

See Lin Mu this appearance, all the faces show a touch of disdain and disgust, even a lot of people subconsciously cover their nose.

Even Qin Luoli’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, her chest was undulating violently, and she seemed dissatisfied.

“Lin Mu, what are you doing here? Why do you dress up like this? Why don’t you go back to me Qin Hao was furious and patted the table.”

But there was a touch of panic in his eyes.

Lin Mu didn’t speak. He walked into the hall slowly and looked at Qin Hao fiercely.

“Who let you in? Get out of here Qin Hao yelled.

There was a strange light in Lin Mu’s eyes. He looked at Qin Hao quietly and said indifferently: “didn’t you send someone to call me? Cousin Qin Hao.”

The last four words, Lin Mu bite very hard.

“Who….. Who told you to come here? Are you out of your mind?” Qin Hao’s eyes show fluster, said aloud.

“Come on, drive this guy out for me. It really affects my appetite!” Qin Hao yelled at the outside.

The next moment.

Qin Hao’s bodyguards came in, all of them were tall and cool.

“Please, uncle, don’t make us embarrassed.” The bodyguards said with a cold face.


Qin Luoli suddenly got up, pushed aside the two bodyguards, and said in a cold voice, “Lin Mu is also your master. Do you want to commit a crime?”

The two bodyguards frowned and looked at Qin Hao.

They are Qin Hao’s bodyguards, but this is the Win family.

Qin Hao said coldly, “what are you doing in a daze? Get him out of here, no eyesight, no place to see. Can you come here?”

Two bodyguards came forward, completely ignoring Qin Luoli.

They took Qin Hao’s money and Win Luoli didn’t dare to stop them too much.

Qin Luoli’s pretty face changes slightly and looked at the crowd.

No one would help her if they drank tea or sneered.

Qin Luoli’s heart sank.

These bastards are a bunch of white wolves.

She Qin Luoli paid all for the Qin family, but at this time, no one came out to help.

“Lin Mu let’s go!”

Qin Luoli grabbed Lin Mu’s hand and said angrily.

She’s fed up with these guys, but she can’t trouble her grandfather for such a trifle.

It’s true that she has no feelings for Lin Mu, but she can’t stand his being humiliated, so leaving is the best choice.

However, she found that Lin Mu’s body seemed to be fixed, with infinite force and could not be pulled at all.

She looked at Lin Mu and said, “go!”

“Go? Why are you leaving?”

Lin Mu frowned gently broke his hand away, and said flatly: “also, just talk, don’t touch me.”


Qin Luoli almost screamed out. Fortunately, she knew what the occasion was, so she held back.

What do you mean don’t touch you?

Lin Mu, you bastard, do you know what you’re talking about?

Lin Mu didn’t pay attention to Win Luoli, bit said indifferently: “I have something to deal with when I come here. Of course, you can’t leave until the matter is settled.”

Qin Luoli was about to go crazy. She gritted her teeth and said, “what can I do for you?”

Lin Mu pointed to Qin Hao and said, “of course it’s because of him.”

Everyone was stunned and looked at Qin Hao in doubt.

What happened?

Is Lin Mu going to trouble Qin Hao?

Don’t be funny, OK? I don’t know who you are.

“Ha ha ha, come to me?”

Sure enough.

Qin Hao laughed, walked to Lin Mu and said sarcastically, “Lin Mu, it’s not that I look down on you. You’re such a waste. I’ve never bothered to pay attention to you. But since you come to trouble me, I’ll let you know that you’re a waste!”

“In my eyes, you are just a dog of the Qin family. You can do whatever your master tells you to do. Since you’re here, please stay. After we finish eating we’ll give you some leftovers. Anyway, our Qin family dogs don’t eat leftovers. It’s cheap for you!”

As soon as this remark came out, people all burst into laughter, and even some people burst intoto tears.

“Have you finished?”

Suddenly, Lin Mu spike calmly.

Qin Hao looked at Lin Mu with pride and said, “what if I finish? Nor only that, even if I got you, you can’t do anything to me!”

Qin Hao raised his hand and slapped Lin Mu.


Clear and crisp voice rang out, saw a figure flying out directly, hit on the ground.

It turned out to be Qin Hao.

Lin Mu’s calm and indifferent voice was clearly heard by all.

“You are nothing, dare to be presumptuous in front of me!”




“Ben, don’t waste his leg!”

In the abandoned factory, the Young’s face is cold, and his eyes are indifferent to life.

The men under his command went to the man kneeling on the ground with iron bars.

Kick the latter to the ground and swing the iron bar twice.


With the scream, the two legs of the man were directly broken, and they screamed over and over on the ground.

“Do you believe me to cut your tongue?”

Young people are threatening.

Sure enough.

This sentence really works.

The man on the ground no longer screamed, but begged for mercy: “please let me go. I don’t want to die.

His voice is very weak.

A pair of blood red eyes, full of prayer and fear.

“Let you go?”

I heard the man plead for mercy.

The smile on the youth’s face became more ferocious.

“It’s not possible.”

The young man laughed and said, “well, you kneel down on the ground and kowtow to me three times. Then you call me grandfather and admit that you are a waste. Maybe I’ll let you go when I’m in a good mood.”

When the young man finished, he burst out laughing.

The rest of the gangsters also laughed.

The man hesitated as if he had made a difficult decision.

“Ok, I knock, I cry!”

That’s a sentence.

He said it as if with all his strength.


He got up with difficulty and planned to kneel on the ground.

But because his legs had been broken, the humiliating act make him breath.

But in those blood red eyes, there is a touch of madness gathering.

“Hurry up, Ben Shao has no time to waste with you!”

The young man urged impatiently.

The man was biting his teeth and his lips were bleeding.

Our your hands on the ground and turn them over to reveal the meat.

But he didn’t seem to feel it.

He endured the great pain, slowly knelt on the ground and climbed toward the young man.

The injured knee came into contact with the ground, which twisted his face.

But the craziness in my eyes grew stronger.

“Ha ha ha, grass!”

Looking at the man lying on the ground like a dog is like looking at a clown. The young man laughs wildly.

That’s it?

Or Quin’s uncle?

I Pooh!

“Boy do you know it’s wrong now?”

After laughing and playing, the young man kicked the man over with one foot, stepped on the other side’s cheat and looked down at the other side.

“You Lin My are just like a pig or a dog. How dare you touch a woman like Quin Luoli?”

The man rolled his eyes, bit said nothing.

The young man squatter down, grabbed Lin Mu’s hair and said with a cold smile.

The young man was suddenly bitten by his neck, and the sharp pain made him scream out.

The rest of the gangsters were scared.

“What are you doing? Don’t hurry to save Qi Shao?” A man roared and hurriedly went to separate the man from the young man.

“It’s killing me!”

The young man covered his bloody neck and his face was deformed with pain.

On his neck, he was torn off a piece of meat, and the blood was pouring out.

“Damn, beat the dog to death!” The man pointed to the man on the ground and said angrily.

The others swamped up and smashed down with stocks, intending to kill the man alive.

“Stop it!”

The young man roared. He covered the wound with his hand. He looked at the man on the ground and kicked him on the other side’s head.

“Don’t you dare bite me, are you tired of living? I was going to divorce you and Quin Luoli. I can spare your life, bit now.”

The young man said darkly, “You are not as good as a pig or dog. You have completely angered me. Come on burry him alive for me!”

Immediately, the man was dragged out on the factory.

At this point, black clouds press the city, thunder gathers.

Jiangcheng suburbs, on the barren mountain, there are lots of rocks!

“It’s going to rain. Dig quickly and burry the boy so that we can get the money!”

In the bitter wind and rain, bareheaded while digging holes, while urging his companions.

“Grass, it’s such a bad weather. If it rains, it will rain.”

The companion looked up at the sky, swearing, and then worked hard to dig a hole.


After digging the pit, they carried the man on the ground into the pit.

While shoveling the soil, he said: “boy, I will be reborn in my next life. Remember to be provoked by Qi Shao. Qi Shao can’t be provoked by your son-in-law.”

The man’s eyes were fixed on them.

Resentment, remorse and reluctance.


He closed his eyes and whispered: “I hate it. A surge of resentment, straight into the sky!”


The sky is loud, the sky is full of thunder!

Lin My suddenly opened his eyes, and a flash of thunder appeared in his eyes.

“I’m back at last!”

Lin My whispered to himself. In his eyes, it seems that there endless vicissitudes of time, stars falling and mountains floating.

“Lord of all calamities! South crazy supreme! Beixuan immortal! The immortal! The Creator! You wait for me!”

The monstrous hatred and hatred seem to tear up the sky and destroy the world.

“The day of my return, when you are finished!”

A silent roar, resounding through the ages, attracted thunder bursts!

Lin Mu, the first killer of the earth in his last life, crossed the immortal wold by accident. In 1800 years, he went from an ordinary mortal to the realm of the immortal Emperor, herding the immortals and gods of the world, achieving the immortal Emperor.

However, he was besieged by the enemy and attacked by the way of heaven. His body collapsed and fell directly.

If it wasn’t for the sudden explosion of a divine light in the book of ten thousand Dharma records of the way of heaven, which he got by accident, and wrapped up a trace of his spirit and left, maybe he would have been dead by now.

The Spirit has been wandering in the chaos of the universe of hundends of years, and Lin Mu has also learned seven or eight things from the ten thousand Dharma records of the way of heaven, but he has no physical body and can’t practice.

Just when Lin Mu was desperate, he saw a blue planet. Before he could react, a strong resentment burst out on the planet. Then Lin Mu appeared here.

Of course, this body is not his, but a man also called Lin Mu. He is the son-in-law of the Win family in Jiangcheng. He is not welcome and is ridiculed and humiliated.

Full of hatred, before he died, he turned into a huge resentment, which happened to be senses by Lin Mu. He took the opportunity to seize the opportunity to succeed!

“Don’t worry. Since I used your body, I will take revenge for you.”

Lin Mu said to himself, and then the memory in his body disappeared.

He also has deep feelings for the hatred of the original owner, so he can win it perfectly.

He not only completely took over the body of Lin Mu, but also mastered all the memories of Lin Mu.

Lin Mu stood up from the pit.

“Ah, ghost!”

Is shoveling earth buries person’s bale head two people to send out a shrill scream, subconsciously hugged together.

Er Gouzi pointed to Lin Mu and said in a trembling voice. “Bald, he….. He’s Lin Mu….. He’s not dead!”

“It’s this son of a bitch who digs the trench. I’m really scared!” Bareheaded suddenly stood up, took out a dagger, looked at Lin Mu viciously and said: “boy, I didn’t expect that you were not dead, so I’ll give you a ride!”

Bare head holding a knife to Lin Mu, eyes full of crazy killing!

As a Taoist, he has a few lives in his hands. He doesn’t care about one more forester.

“Damn you both!”

In Lin Mu’s eyes, Li mang suddenly appeared Infront of his bald head and held his neck.


The bald man was startled, and his face was full of pain and fear.

“You….. How do you….” He was shocked. How could Lin Mu be so powerful that he was caught by the neck without any reaction.

Lin Mu looked at him indifferently and said to himself: “mole ant like things, infront of me also want to start!”


With a clear sound, the bale head’s neck was directly twisted by Lin Mu.

Bareheaded reluctantly lying on the ground, with a touch of panic and doubt in his eyes.

Until his death, he didn’t think about a question clearly: it’s just a garbage general inverted door, how did it become so powerful?

Er Gouzi looked at the scene and was so scared that he couldn’t stop urinating. He knelt down on the ground and kept kowtowing: “don’t kill me, please, don’t kill me…..”

Lin Mu walked slowly to Er Gouzi and said, “it’s not a pity to die if you help him to do evil.”

Er Gouzi suddenly yelled, and his voice twisted and shrieked: “you can’t kill me. I’m from Feige. If you kill me, he won’t let you go!”

“Is it?”

The corner of Lin Mu’s mouth showed an extremely cold radian and said: “the world is so big and the world is so wide, there is no one I dare not kill!”

Immediately, Lin Mu’s body was in a flash.

“I’ll fight with you!”

Er Gouzi roared, grabbed the shovel and waved to Lin Mu.

So what if the kid’s not dead?

In his eyes, it’s just a useless loser!

Er Gouzi waved his shovel fiercely.

It didn’t hit people, but was firmly grasped by a big hand.

“This is……How it be!”

Er Gouzi’s eyes were full of shock. He couldn’t look at Lin Mu confidently.

In his memory, the Win family’s son-in-law is not a well-known waste? I don’t have the strength to bind a chicken. I’m cowardly. How can I be so powerful now?

“I’d you are a mole ant, you dare to make a fool of yourself Infront of me.

The palm of Lin Mu’s hand suddenly forced, the iron shovel suddenly twisted, and his first turn into a palm in an instant and hit Er Gouzi’s neck.


The knife fell down and directly smashed Er Gouzi’s whole neck.

And Lin Mu frowned slightly.

Although his spirit has changed the original master’s body and cured his limbs, his body is now very weak.

Otherwise, with his former body, this person’s head, will be cut off by him.

“It seems that if you want revenge, you need to recover your cultivation as soon as possible.”

At present, Lin Mu runs the “ten thousand laws of heaven” by himself.

The next moment.

The whole aura of heaven suddenly came to the forest and animal husbandry.

Just a few minutes later, all auras were absorbed.

The forest and animal husbandry break through to the second level of gas refining, and countless black substances flow out of the body.

“It’s not bad to wash tensors and cut marrow.”

It’s a pity for Lin Mu. If it wasn’t for the rarity of the earth’s aura of heaven and earth too much. Otherwise, even if it was restored to the original state, it would not be impossible.

Silently feeling the flow of mana in his body, Lin Mu showed a smile.

Suddenly, he frowned.

At this time, it rained heavily on him, which made him uncomfortable. The deafening thunder is really unpleasant.

Immediately, he opened his mouth and drank softly: “loose!”

The next moment.

The thunder clouds dispersed and the rainstorm stopped.

The emperor opened his mouth and followed his words!

“It’s time to go back!”

Lin Mu looked up to a certain place. In his eyes, there were clouds gathering and thunder flashing.

“Ding Ding Ding!”

At this time, a mobile phone ring, Lin Mu turned to see, found the mobile phone in bald body.

And there are two words on it: brother Fei.

Feige is Qiao Zushan’s man who killed the original owner.

It was he who asked them to deal with Lin Mu.

He picked up the mobile phone and pressed the answer button. There came a cold voice: “how are things going?”

Did not hear the reply, the man roared: “speak ah, dumb?”


Lin My said indifferently to his mobile phone: “It’s me.”

“Who are you? What about bareheaded.

Lin Mu said in a cold voice: “it doesn’t matter who I am. Tell Qiao Zishan to wash his neck and wait!”

“I’ll find him!”

As soon as he spoke, Lin Mu squeezed the mobile phone with his palm.




Tom and Jerry looked at each other. There were a lot of things going on in their minds. Julie and Daisy understood this and decided to give them a break. During the afternoon, they four of them met again and it looked like Tom and Jerry had been able to digest all that was did in the morning.

“Well how are you both feeling now, ” Daisy said. “We’re fine,” Tom and Jerry said in unison. They looked surprised at each other. “I guess since you two get along better now, it won’t be hard for you two to work together,” Julie said with a smirk.

“Like you said, this case is about us. I don’t know why we are involved in this bit we’re ready to uncover what’s down there,” Tom said. “It this is something Mr. Jefferson wants to get rid of us for then we’re not going to just let it go,” said Jerry with determination.

“Good,” Julie said. That same afternoon, the girls told them everything they’ve been seeing Me. Jefferson do that raiser their suspicion towards him. “That’s quiet a lot guys, you’re smarter than us you know,” Tom said. The girls were flustered but it was short lived because they continued to flood Tom and Jerry with information.

After the case was firmly established in their minds. They decided to take action. Let the detective job begin-for real this time.

(Mr. Jefferson during the time Tom, Jerry, Daisy, and Julie are talking. This is during the afternoon.)

Mr. Jefferson walks towards his favourite sofa and sits on it. He closes his eyes and take a deep breath. When he opens them, something catches his eyes. It’s a shiny thing at the back of one of his sofas. He gets up and walks towards it and puck it up. “This doesn’t belong here,” he says. “Someone was here, a female,” he says in his head. He smells the bracelet and carefully looks at it again and smirks. “You little brat,” he says, “you’re in deep trouble.”




They went out the next day after finishing the usuals we do every morning-brushing teeth, bathing and having breakfast. Of course they prayed, they had to. They took their coats and opened the door and continued their mission bit upon turning the door open, they were shocked to see what was Infront of them, even I was shocked.

“Daisy?” Tom said. “Julie?” Jerry said. “Daisy and Julie?” I said. The girls knew we were shocked so they run to hug the men and left me because I’m invisible partaker on this story. “What is happening, did he let you go?” Tom asked. “Who?” Daisy said. “The one who kidnapped you,” Jerry answered Daisy’s question even though he was looking at his sister. “Silly, we kidnapped ourselves,” Julie said and she and Daisy laughed. “Really, why did you do that,” I asked bit she didn’t hear me, thankfully Jerry asked the same question.

“We didn’t want you to quit your jobs, we also didn’t want you to be fighting all the time. We had to think of something that will make you two work together,” Daisy said. “And this is what you came up with,’ Tom asked both of them with a bit irritation in his voice.

“Tom we did this for the both of you, we figured out of if we kidnap ourselves and pretend to be in danger, you wouldn’t quit your jobs, you’ll do everything to find us and since it’ll be me and Daisy you two will have to work together to find us,” Julie said. “For goodness sake you guys are not kids, we are not kids anymore for you to do such a thing. Do you know how we were worried sick?” Jerry asked.

“Jerry we’re fine, do you know why we suddenly came back and not kidnap ourselves anymore?” Daisy asked and even though Tom and Jerry didn’t answer, their faces gave them away.

“There’s a real case out there, we don’t understand but we think you would. Do you know why? Because you’re the smartest people we know and this case is about the both of you,” Daisy said.

“Also we missed you and we couldn’t bear to see you searching for us. And also everything including the clues to find us was fake so don’t take it seriously,” Julie added.

“Whatever case it is, someone somewhere here will solve it not us……not me,” Tom said. “I’ve already sent my resignation letter.”

“Are you sure the letter was sent?” Asked Julie and she looked at Daisy and they both laughed.

Tom and Jerry understood they had done something about that. “Mister, you’re still a detective,” Daisy said whilst ruffling Tom’s hair. Julie was poking Jerry’s cheeks.

“By the way what real cas were you talking about earlier?” Jerry asked. The girls looked at each other and Julie took out her phone and shower them a video.

We took this video when we his ourselves in Mr. Daniel Jefferson’s house,” Daisy said. In the video Daisy and Julie had found a place to hide and were waiting for something. All of a sudden, Mr. Jefferson came out of a secret passage way and was on a phone call. “Of course no one in this city knows about it and it’ll stay that way forever. I just have to get rid of Tom and Jerry and Everything will b fine,” he said and ended the call.

The camera moved forward towards the passage way when some footsteps were approaching so they quickly went back to their hiding place. The video ended.

“For the past t o weeks we’ve been suspecting Mr. Daniel of some illegal activity but we just didn’t know how to prove it until we had the chance to enter his house,” Daisy said.

“Mr. Daniel Jefferson may not be our ordinary neighbor. We suspect he has an undergoing lab where something illegal is going on there, we haven’t been able to enter that secret place because we’re sure there are more people down there so we don’t want to risk our lives,” added Julie.

“He mentioned your names Tom and Jerry so we think this case is for you that’s why we’re here, maybe this video is going to help you. This is a real case,” said Daisy.




“What is it you’re thinking about?” Jerry asked. “I want is to split. You have to go to Daisy’s flower shop and I’ll go to her house. Maybe there are more things to uncover apart from the instructions given. When you look at the map given, Daisy shop was ticked which means it’s definitely part of this case,” Tom finished.

“Not bad,” Jerry said and after a few discussions, the two parted ways.

Tom used this backdoor key to open Daisy’s door and went inside the the house. The I striction was to search only her hall for the next clue. He looked at the hall and was shocked to find how messy the hall had become. He decided to look for fingerprints before searching for anything. After searching every inch of the hall there was not even a single finger print. “This guy is smart,” Tom said to himself and began searching for any clues.”

Jerry got Daisy’s shop. He didn’t have the key to the shop so he user a picklock to open the door. He looked around in awe at the flowers and how beautiful they were. He has never really come to a flower shop before so he took a minute to admire the place. After that, he checked for fingerprints but there were none. He decided to check the drawers for any clues when his eye caught something near a flower vase.

It was Julie’s hair clip. Jerry remembered buying it for her himself and she said she loved it so much that she would wear it everyday. Jerry checked for any finger prints on the hair clip bit it was as if it was never touched. He took the hair clip and searched every nook and cranny of the shop. He wrote a few things in his small notebooks bit I couldn’t see it so I don’t know what she wrote.

The duo met again and it was already six in the evening. They were exhausted. Bit they would not let their guars down as this is just the beginning and the people they loved were counting on them.

“Did you find any clues at Daisy’s house, Jerry asked. “I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find anything everywhere but I couldn’t find anything except this teddy which I found out of a place,” Tom answered.

“A teddy bear?” Jerry asked. “Yeah. Daisy hates teddy bears so I found it odd that it’s in her home, I’m not even sure why I took it,” Tom said.

Jerry looked carefully at the teddy bear and took it from Tom. He held the head of the poor teddy and separated it from it’s body. Something fell from the stuffed body of the teddy and Jerry took it to have a closer look. “It’s a box?” Jerry asked looking at it. “Wait a minute,” Tom said and took the tiny box but it fell from his hands and landed on the floor. The box opened and in it was a necklace Tom had bought for Daisy not long ago.

“Tom took out the necklace and looked at it whilst Jerry also took out something from his pocket. It was Julie’s hair clip. “The kidnapper took something we personally bought for them and used it as clues,” Jerry realized. “But so.ething’s not right, if you hadn’t gone to Daisy’s shop you wouldn’t have found Julie’s hair clip, does this mean there was one more clue I missed at Daisy’s home?” Tom asked himself.

“You know what, let’s check the next instruction,” Jerry said. After looking at the next instruction, they decided to do that the next day so they went to bed and I did too. Following them has not been easy you know.




“A man wearing all black?” Tom asked. “That is the same description the milkman gave when we brought the letter,” said Jerry.

“Please I’ve done my part,” said Mrs. Port and left the two alone.” Now the instruction says we have to destroy it, how?” Tom asked. “Maybe we have to smash it,” Jerry thoughtfully said. Tom unwrapped the covering around the cupcake and baller his hands in a fist. He raised his hand and it landed on the cupcake with a funny sound.

Tom screamed in pain and Jerry was confused as to why he was screaming. When he raised his hand, the was a key. They both looked at each other and inspected the key. There was an inscription on it- DJ. “Tom you’re bleeding, I think the key pricked you since it was fixed upright the cupcake into the cupcake,” Jerry said and hurriedly got a fist aid kit to help his friend. Jerry gently cleanses the wound and Tom was speechless for a while.

“Thank you,”:Tom said after Jerry was done. Tom didn’t think Jerry would help clean his wound and Jerry didn’t think To would say thanks. After a minute or two of awkward silence, they decided to leave Mrs. Pott’s shop.

“So now that we have a key in our hands, let’s look at the next instruction,” Jerry spoke. Tom took out the paper from his pocket and read, “the key you hold should be used to open the backdoor of Daisy’s house, in order to find the next clue, search her hall and hall only.”

“So I guess our next stop is Daisy’s house,” Jerry said. “This guy is playing games with us, I mean how did he get Daisy’s backdoor key, even I didn’t have it,” Tom said.

“Maybe he stole it from Daisy, or force fully took it from her, I don’t think she willingly gave it out. Maybe this person we’re talking about is actually closer to Daisy and my sister than we could ever imagine,” said Jerry. “But apart from us no one in this city is as close to them. Daisy has no family here in this city and for Julie, she has you bit you can’t kidnap her,” Tom said.

“You’re right Tom. I remember my sister told me that Daisy talks to only her because she doesn’t want to make any friend in this city. My sister is always busy with her job and is free mostly on weekends. That is when she visits Daisy at her shop. Tom I think that is when they were kidnapped,” Jerry said. “If they were together during the weekend, then you’re right, there’s a possibility that it’s when they were kidnapped,” Tom said and smiled at Jerry.

“Thinking carefully, I would say they were kidnapped on Saturday and the kidnapper finalised all his clues on Sunday and brought this letter to us through the milkman today which is Monday,” Jerry said.

“But I don’t understand, why would the kidnapper give us clues to find them, if he has something against them he would kidnap them without telling us what to do afterwards,” Tom said.

“So that would mean only one thing.” Jerry said, “the kidnapper is after us and is using the people we love to get us to come to him,” he said.

“I have an idea,” Tom.




“There would be no introduction as to who or what I am. I just want to tell you two that the precious people in your lives are in custody right now. For Tom, I’ve taken away your girlfriend Daisy and for Jerry, your sister Julie. I know how much they mean to you but don’t worry, they’re in safe hands. In order to save them, look at the clues I e given to you. It’s in your drawer. It’ll explain how to find them. Remember, you have two weeks otherwise, they’re dead,” read the letter.

“Is this some kind of joke?” Tom asked no one in particular. Jerry head to their drawer and meticulously opened it. There was a white envelope, on it was written ‘clues.’

“Tom come here,” said Jerry and Tom walked towards Jerry. Jerry opened the envelope and they saw a map. The map was the whole of Crimson city. There were landmarks and other features on the map that indicated where they should be going. Apart from the map, there was a sheet of paper that spelled out instructions. The instructions were listed chronologically.

“What do we do, we don’t even know who this person is and what he wants. Do you think it’s someone who lives in this city?” Jerry asked Tom. “I’m not sure of what I know is that we have to play his game by following the clues given to us in order to find my girlfriend,” said Tom. “And my sister,” said Jerry. First let’s take a look at where we should be heading.

They took the sheet of paper attached to the map. The first instruction read, “go to the market and bit a cupcake from the bakery store, tell the baker that you were sent to but a DJ cupcak but do not eat it, destroy it.”

Looking carefully at the first instruction, they were confused by what ‘DJ cupcake’ meant. “I think it’s the kindnapper’s initials,” said Jerry.

Tom took out a notebook that contains almost all the names of the people living in Crimson city who are eighteen years and above. He was looking at the names that could have the initials D.J. After looking through, he found two.

One was a young man who just turned twenty one and was currently working to pay for the entrance fee to a university. His name was David Jameson.

The other was a man who was in his late fifties. He was always wearing a sombre expression and no one knew why he was always indoors and only came out to buy foodstuffs. Tom immediately suspected him but Jerry told him to calm down and calmly solve the case. The man was Daniel Jefferson.

The head out to the market and went straight to the bakery store. The owner, Mrs. Pott was there and smiles at them. “We would like to buy a DJ cupcake,” Jerry said. Mrs. Pott was quiet for a second and immediately composed herself.

“I’ll be right back,” she said and walked into the kitchen. She came back in exactly a minutes time and gave them the cupcake wrappers nicely.

“Do you happen to know of someone came here and told you to specifically bake this for us,” Tom asked. Mrs. Pott looked at them for a while and told them that she cannot disclose the name. “Please Mrs. Pott help us, who came here to you. You know there’s no such thing as DJ cupcake but when we asked, you knew what it was and you gave it to us,” that was Jerry talking.

“Look, you just have to play the game,” that’s all I was told. I was only told to prepare the cupcake for you. It was a man wearing all black.




He sat on his favourite chair in the office. When you look at him, you would think he is happy but he’s not. “His career is something not meant for him,” he says in his head and sits on his desk and starts scribbling nothing in a particular. Someone enters the office and he knows who that one is without looking up.

“Tom come on. Don’t do this please, as much as we hate each other I still don’t want you to quit. I know you love this job, we’ve been through thick and thin for five years now. I think you also should consider your…..” The sentence wasn’t completed because Tom cut him short with his words.

“Jerry, this office is all yours now. You can do whatever you want here. After my letter arrives I’m leaving this job and this city for good. I am going to start a new life somewhere else so stop trying to convince me to stay, it’ll be futile to do that.”

Jerry looked at his friend with a sad face. “If you quit then I quit too you know, despite our uselessness in this city. Somehow you make my life a little bit fun. I think I’m gonna miss you if you quit and when I can’t take it anymore, I’ll quit too.

There was silence in the room. Tom Carson and Jerry McMouse sat down in silence. Suddenly, an idea popped in Jerry’s mind.

“Oh Tom, you leave without saying goodbye to Daisy?”

Daisy Mills was Tom’s childhood friend. They grew up to love each other. Daisy was the apple of Tom’s eye and he had sworn never to leave her. She is a florist.

Tom immediately got up to go and see her and make arrangements so that she leaves with him at all cost. He was going to start a new life away from this city with his Daisy. He took his coat and as he was approaching the door, it suddenly burst open. It was the milk man who came panting and hurriedly found a chair to sit onto catch his breath.

“Are you okay,” Jerry asked. Tom was recovering from the sudden intrusion. He stood there waiting for the milkman to speak. “I have a letter to deliver,” the milk nam said. Tom was confused because he thought the mailman should be the one delivering the letter, could it be his resignation letter was not properly delivered?” He asked himself.

“I was on my way to the Samuelson’s when a person wearing all black approached me and handed this letter to me.” “The detectives” he said to me and walked away. I couldn’t fathom what happened and by the time I turned around, there was no one. I think this letter is for you two,” the milkman said after placing the letter on the table, he left as though he wanted nothing to do with the letter which was shockingly because the milkman liked to poke his nose in people’s affairs specially family affairs.

Jerry looked at Tom before looking at the letter. Tom looked at the letter before looking at Jerry to see what he would do. The letter now concerned the two of them and no one was ready to take it. After some minutes, Jerry room the letter and opened it. It was from an anonymous writer. Jerry’s eyes were as wide as saucers when he skimmed through the letter. Tom knew something’s not right and snatched the letter away to read what’s inside. He was shocked to the core after reading it.


The winter had been especially cold. The snow lay thick and heavy on the ground. The squirrels, the Badgers and the hedgehogs had vanished into their snug winter homes to sleep away the cold, dark months. The sifts and the swallows had left for warmer countries long ago. Even the slugs and snails had disappeared, hiding away in some dark, warm patch of woodland to wait for the spring. The woods and fields were silent and empty. Only a big, black Crow was hunting for her evening meal.

The Crow had flown all day in search of food. But she found nothing, not even a tiny mouse or a piece of someone’s leftover lunch. Now she was tired and hungry. She cawed sadly.

“I will have to go without dinner tonight,” she thought as she flapped slowly across the sky in one last desperate search for something to eat.

She was on the point of turning back when she saw a thin column of smoke coming up into the sky, far away in the distance.

“Smoke means fire and fire means cooking and cooking means food!” Thought the Crow. She Ew as fast as she could, towards the curling smoke. The smoke came fro. The chimney of a large farmhouse where the farmer’s wife was cooking dinner for her family. A delicious-smelling stew was bubbling in a large pot over the fire and loaves of fresh-baker bread were on the table, ready to be cut into slices. A part of bitter and a chunk of cheese lay I their platters on the window sill. The farmer’s wife had left the window open so the cold air would keep the butter from melting and the cheese from sweating.

The Crow saw the cheese by the open window. Quick as a flash, she flew down to the window sill, picked cheese in her big black beak and flew off. The farmer’s wife was stirring the stew, with her back to the window. She did not see the crow. The Crow was very pleased with herself. “Nothing like a piece of cheese on a cold winter afternoon!” She thought.

She flew toward a climb of tall trees and perched comfortably on a bare branch high above the ground to enjoy her meal in comfort.

A wily old Fox lay hidden among the bushes in the farmer’s garden. He had roamed the woods and fields all day in search of food. But he had found nothing to eat, not a bird nor a mouse nor even the scraps from someone’s picnic. Now he was tired and hungry.

“I will have to go without dinner tonight.” He signed.

He was on the point of turning back, when he saw the Crow perch on the bare branch with the piece of cheese in her beak.

“What a lovely, smelly piece of cheese!” Thought the Fox. I must have that piece of cheese for my dinner. Now, if only I can take that cheese away fro. The Crow.

The fox watched the Crow settle herself comfortably on the branch. He smiled slyly to himself. Strolling up to the door of the tree, the Fox called out.

“Good evening. Mrs. Crow! You look well today!”

The crow looked down at the Fox in surprise. She had never heard him speak so politely before.

The fox continued. “Oh Mrs. Crow, how beautiful you are! Your feathers are so black! So smooth and shining! Truly. I have never seen such feathers before!”

The Crow was even more surprised. No one had ever called her beautiful before! Of course, she has always known how pretty she was. But it was pleasant to be admired by some one else.

The Fox looked up at her and signed. “How graceful you are. Mrs. Crow, how elegant! You fly so wonderfully well too and higher than an eagle!”

The Crow held herself taller. She had always know how graceful and elegant she was. Of course, she could fly most wonderfully high! How clever of the Fox to know that. She flapped her wings just a little bit so he could admire them again. What a charming creature he was!

The Fox took a deep breath and continued. “Your claws ahem, I mean your talons. Mrs. Crow! They are stronger than steel!

Ah……her talons! She had always been proud of her talons. She hopped clumsily on the branch so that the Fox could take another look at her claws. Really, he did say the nicest things!

The Crow was by now quite sure that she was the prettiest, most grateful and the strongest bird of all.

The Fox smiled secretly to himself. He looked admiringly at the Crow and said. “Dear Mrs. Crow. I have not heard your voice. It must be the sweetest voice I the world, as beautiful as you are. Dear Mrs. Crow, won’t you sing for me?”

The Crow flattered. All the other birds had told her that she had an awful voice. And here was the Fox begging her to sing for him! Of course, she had always known what a lovely voice she had…..

“The Crow took a deep breath and opened her beak a loud and raucous Caw!” Crown dropped the piece of cheese! The Fox snapped it up as it fell and swallowed it before the Crow realised what had happened.

The Fox walked off chuckling. “Next time, Mrs. Crow, be careful what you believe!” He cried as he vanished through the trees.

The Crow was left feeling foolish. How could she have been so vain and so silly, as to be taken in by the Fox’s clever words and lose her lovely dinner!

The Crow ruffled her feathers sadly and got ready for a hungry night.